Office of Career Services


The Office of Career Services (OCS) is charged with the mandate of taking care of students skills development, job placement, linking students with industry, academic advisory services, career testing and assessment, career fairs, venture capital fairs, counseling services, graduate tracking services, high school recruitments, students exchange, apprenticeship services, alumni networking, mentorship services, internship and improving the students life in campus among other services.

KoTTI is therefore committed to be fully compliant with the government policy of BETA (Bottom Up Economic and Transformation Agenda), vision 2030 and African Union Agenda 2063 and sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S).The office of career services (OCS) plays a key role in the transition of trainees from learning to earning, by exposing the trainees to relevant and sustainable platforms to effectively compete in the job market, this is effectively done through the use of the graduate tracker services. Also the trainees also are given relevant career counselling that enables them to choose courses whose skills align with the job market, they are even counselled on how to earn as they learn in order to effectively polish and enhance their skills.