Industrial Attachment

Industrial Attachment

is a structured, credit bearing work experience in a professional work setting during which students apply and acquire knowledge and skills. It involves application of learned skills in an organization related to the student’s field of study. Industrial Attachment therefore, should challenge the student to appreciate the values of the organization involved in the experience and make an assessment of the hands on skills learnt while on internship.


  • To cultivate the student’s professionalism, aptitude, attitude and adaptive skills in real-life situations
  • To further develop the student’s interpersonal and collaborative skills through working with colleagues
  • To prepare the student for absorption into the industry/workforce
  • To build and support a closer network with the Industry
  • Objectives

  • Appreciate the importance of human relations and work attitude
  • Understand the constraints of working life and functional relations within and between organizations
  • Apply school based theories and skills to practice
  • Develop work attitudes like self-reliance, maturity and self- confidencey
  • Obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new interests
  • Overview

    Konoin Technical Training Institute students pursuing a two year Certificate course are required to go on attachment once after their first year, while those taking a three year Diploma course have two attachments one after 1st year and after 2nd year. The attachment period is for three months.


  • Introduction letter from the Institution
  • Insurance cover
  • Log book
  • Charles Maina

    Industrial Attachment Coordinator