Department of Building and Civil Engineering offers both diploma and craft certificate programmes.

Diploma programmes.

Diploma courses in Building Technology, Civil Engineering, aims to provide trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her to work in the construction industry competently as a supervisor of works on site and be able to compute measurements and costs of construction works.

At the end of the relevant diploma course the trainee should be able to:-

  • Understand the role of a technician
  • Acquire skills required in problem solving involving design and construction of buildings
  • Understand the principles of architectural design
  • Acquire knowledge required in management of building construction sites
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation in the use of ICT in construction industry.
  • Acquire firm foundation for further training in construction industry.
  • Craft Certificate Programmes

    Craft certificate courses in Plumbing, Building Technology aims to provide the trainee with thorough knowledge of the techniques and appropriate tools for his/her trade. In addition the trainee should acquire a firm grounding in relevant science and technology.

    The Masonry / Plumbing /Carpentry & Joinery craftsman is a person who should efficiently carry out relevant tasks either on a building site or in a workshop to provide functional suitable structures. The craftsman should have the knowledge and appreciation of materials, tools and equipment which are needed for a given assignment.

    This craftsman should posses some aspects of supervisory skills which would be necessary for the supervision of artisans at operational level and also coordinating their works

    At the end of the crafts course, the trainee should be able to:-
  • Acquire sufficient drawing knowledge and skills to enable him/her draw and interpret working drawings
  • Use scientific and mathematical knowledge in the solution of relevant craft solutions
  • Acquire knowledge of common relevant craft and other related materials available in Kenya
  • Acquire knowledge for proper use and care of relevant craft tools and equipment
  • Acquaint himself/herself with a range of occupational and training opportunities available in the construction industry
  • Understand the working of both central and county government and develop awareness of how they affect his/her day to day work
  • Mode of Delivery

    The mode of delivery for both Diploma and Craft programmes will be structured course work, workshop / laboratory/studio sessions and industrial attachments, all aimed at providing the trainee with knowledge , skills and attitudes to enable him/her enter the world of work with confidence for either salaried employment or self employment.

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