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An affectionate welcome to Konoin Technical Training Institute Building and Civil Engineering Department. Department is multifaceted; Carpentry, Plumbing, masonry, Building Technology and Civil engineering. Department has set its goals for a new era with a technology product-oriented, professional focus, and embarked on undertaking changes towards meeting the needs for the nation. So with the mission to offer world-class undergraduates education with competent skills to our Students.We appreciate your interest, look forward to your involvement with us.

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Arthur C. Nielsen

No. Course Title Code Entry Requirements Duration Exam Action
1. Diploma in Civil Engineering DCE KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) and above 3 Years KNEC Apply
2. Diploma in Building Technology (module I,II,III) DBT KCSE Mean Grade C- /Pass in Module I&II 3 Terms @ module KNEC Apply
3. Certificate in Building Technology (Module I&II) CBT KCSE Mean Grade D Plain and above 3 Terms @ module KNEC Apply
4. Certificate in plumbing CP KCSE Mean Grade D Plain and above 2 Years KNEC Apply
5. Artisan in masonry AM KCSE Mean Grade D- 1 Year KNEC Apply
6. Artisan in Plumbing AP KCSE Mean Grade D- 1 Year KNEC Apply
7. Artisan in Carpentry AC KCSE Mean Grade D- and below 1 Year KNEC Apply
No. Name Qualifications Specialization Responsibilities
1. Anoter info info more Info Anoter info